Together we are stronger –
a call.

Hello together!

We are a group of pilots of different facets, sexual orientation, gender identity and much more and we want to make them visible, especially in our professional environment.

In an ideal world we would no longer have to come out, it would not matter which sexuality or gender identity we have, who we love, to whom we feel attracted or which gender we have.

The profession of pilot is still one of those professions that are shaped by heteronormativity. If we have to sit and work in the front with only two or three colleagues in a confined space and for a long time, the atmosphere is not allowed to be unpleasant. How can we work sensibly, let alone perform a flight safely, if we have to fear/hide/conceal ourselves from the other colleagues?

It is time to change this.

On the one hand, some of us already live an open life and are “outed”. On the other hand, many of us cannot yet “just be” to our colleagues. In order to make the hurdle of coming out seem easier for future generations, but also for existing pilots, and to be contact persons or perhaps also mentors, we would like to launch an initiative along the lines of the actors at #ActOut. We want to become visible with all our facets. (

More visibility means greater engagement with LGBTQIA+ issues and the possibility of acceptance of diversity.

In a group, in a team, a lot of things can be done better, we all know that from our everyday professional life! Therefore, let’s form a team and see where this journey can take us! The vision of a prejudice-free professional environment will not become reality by itself! But we can all fight for it, stand up for ourselves and support each other.

Anyone who is interested in this, from whatever angle, or simply wants to exchange ideas, is welcome to contact us! Of course we treat all messages and possible following phone calls confidentially.

Or contact our general email: We look forward to seeing you!!!

Spread the word!

We need your help. Share this call with your pilot friends and colleagues. Only together as a group we can encourage others to do the same.

Participate / Contact

As this is a trial project, we are focussing on pilots in Germany at the moment. Please feel free to get in touch with us nonetheless, as we plan to expand this beyond Germany in the near future.